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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008
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Shamania 2008

Journey to Satori and Beyond

Shamania Festival


The concept of Shamania  was born in the North…Possibly as a by-product of our Brigantean Celtic heritage. The Northern Dance Music Tribes are truly coming together this year….  to provide the best you can get, when it comes to underground dance music!

The festival has a continuous music license over the entire 4 days, so there’ll be uninterrupted Psy-Trance on the main stage, featuring Cosmosis, Eat-Static and Safi Connection, Hydraglyph, Dickster, and Jon Phantasm, along with DJs from all the major Northern Psy-Trance clubs.
Complementing this will be a second stage, hosted by Riff Raff from Leeds on the Fri. &Sat. nights, showcasing the finest  Techno DJs;  including Dave the Drummer, Chris Liberator, Adam from Lab4,  as well as their own residents;  and then on the Sunday night,  we’ll see the welcome return of the Blackburn Acid-House scene, Boomtown Promotions are hosting an evening,  of cutting-edge House music, with Rob Tissera of Kissdafunk in Leeds, headlining.
Chill-Out is once again being provided by Synchronistic Sounds;  confirmed acts are O.V.N.I.  Tetchi and Joint Intelligence Committee.

Shamania is a spiritually refreshing and exhilirating, new way to celebrate the ancient Celtic festival of Lugnasadh, known latterly  as Lammas.
A time and place in which to re-connect ourselves to the Earth and Cosmos; whilst searching beyond the self, seeking the divine spark within.
Providing ample opportunity for self-realization, self-transformation, and self-transcendence;  The emphasis of the festival is about enjoyment, edification, enlightenment and evolution.

It is our hope that participants of the Shamania Festival will feel that they are creating a difference;  and,  via non-local connectedness,  that they are actually making a positive contibution to the evolution of our species’  collective consciousness.  The beauty of the location alone,  is condusive to the  ‘great  vibe,  best party of the year’  feel that was engendered at the two previous events

Shamania is the sort of outdoor party  we always dreamed of going to,  featuring the finest kick-ass,  psychedelic trance and techno;  along with satori-seared,  chill-out music, being played in an exquisitely picturesque setting;  on the border  between Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The Shamania Luighnasadh Festival is also much more than just a party!  Using our knowledge of both the latest hi-tech New, and the tried and tested Old ways.  It is a celebration of the nobility  and potential of the human spirit,  the wonders of the Earth and oddities of the Universe;  a chance to explore our own very special sense of being.  The fantastic capabilities of our minds. A reminder of what we have achieved so far; and yet what more, we still need to acheive on our journey.

The festival is being held on a different site again,  this year;  but still very near to Pendle Hill.  The Pendle area is mainly associated with the witchraft outbreaks, which occurred in the early 17th Century.


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTED TICKETS  at the following prices until MAY 1st 2008

ADULT TICKETS (18 and over) £45 each, after 1st May £60
YOUTH TICKET (11 to 17 years old) £18 each, after 1st May £20
CHILD TICKET (10 and under, free for 1st two, then £10.00 each)
PARKING PASS - CARS @ £5.00 each