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Journey to Satori and Beyond

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Hi all :-)) well just about recovered from was what a truly historic weekend the first time all the northmen crews massed together to create a wonderful and cheerfuller festival with 5 psy rigs playing around the site made for a most excellent psychedelic play ground:-)) cheers Warwick and Aide for having the vision and making it happen big respect:-)) also for asking us to be apart of Shamanaia we enjoyed hosting the Talent tent on the Sunday playing with Rezn8 who kicked us off with his morning set wicked :-))followed by mark foster who was playing for the first time at a event treat us to mr blue sky for his intro which was perfect for that moment and followed on with African and world music made for a set and setting sort of experience nice one and then back to psy :-)) Whitedog who played a blinder of a set this guy should be signed up as soon as:-))any one wanting new live/djs check these guys out :-)) followed buy Gerry Aum,s daughter who is only 16 playing some of the finest psy and really mixing it up we were knocked out such great talent at such young age is good to see and hear;_))then to end off we had a guy who i must admit i did not catch his name:-(( but he played some cracking tracks hope to come across these guys again at some point;-)) cheers to headeye for decking the marquee out looked great :-)) cheers to smithy for the rig your rig rocks :-)) with talent tent over with we were able to enjoy the main stage and party with our omni friends mechanicom stay in touch enjoyed our crack hope to see you soon:-)) Elayne and Dori feel honoured to share in your special moment would not have been the same see you soon;-) hope to see you all soon maybe we could arrange a meet up:-)) on the fir night we kicked the fest off playing on the Fat moon stage:-)) this crew know how to put a party on the tent looked amazing along with James pa which he built himself the sound was crystal clear perfect for psy trance:-))these guys host free parties and take and make no money just doing it for the love of it and it shows the vibe and energy from this tent gave the fest is spirit throughout the weekend it was packed full of happy smiling faces :-)) cheers for the kind words about our set we really enjoyed playing is always a pleasure:-)) we were followed on buy the Fat moon crew who kept the tent dancing and grooving the dis change overs where smooth and the sounds where all well received by a colorful and happening dance floor till the early hours until we were asked to close down because of the council laws :-(( so we had a bit of a early finish but you got to keep the right side of the law?but it gave the crews a chance to rest up for a couple of hours and to get ready for the sat:-) on the Saturday we were able to take the day off and enjoy the other stages and cafe around the site everything was catered for you wanted for nothing clean running water with sinks not to bad toilets and even the most friendly policeman you ever want to meet;-)) the site was filling up and by night time the site looked and felt amazing the main stage blasting out over the valley was quite magical what a setting:-))then we light a lantern for Elayne's mam:-( we all paused for a minute watching the lanterns disappear into the night sky special moment:-)) then the fire show which was made up of a few fire jugglers/ performers entertaining the onlookers for a full hour or so it seemed ending off with lighting more lanterns which gave the skyline a interesting look:-)) lots of moving lights in the night sky it looked amazing;-))and then back to the Fatmoon tent which again was bouncing with the craziest cool costumes ive seen cats dogs toffs and eh policewomen goblins fairies and bubbles well you anit seen nowt like it ;-)) Cheryl and Sabrina had the place jumping you dont seem to see many ladies behind the decks but you just got to catch them:-)) every where you looked just looked and sounded amazing what a time we had nice one :-))but then it was time to end as we got give the council and surrounding area respect as it was our first time doing the fest and did want to over step the mark but maybe next year they might not mind as much as im sure they had no complaints ?? I hope this festival is allowed to happen next year and would be good to see the north and south come together to make this the fest of 2007 big thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and again to Warwick and Ade for making it happen hope to see you all soon:-))
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