Shamania - Journey to Satori and Beyond!

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Journey to Satori and Beyond
Lugnasadh Celebration   Friday 24th - Sunday 26th August 2012

Shamania Festival: Music: Main Stage



Sound and light journeys are synchronised...Kundalini's visual experience provided by Extra Dimensional Space Agency in collaboration with Liquid Faeries…

For the first time in six years...we are proud to bring back one of the finest psychedelic bands in the world.…history is in the making…recreating that legendary kundalini warehouse era magic…get ready for the new…drop the bomb !!

uk exclusive for this event only !
Live Logic Bomb

The long awaited 3rd album :: Sonic Algebra :: Solstice records

Live Beatnik
Nano Records

uk exclusive debut
Live Blue Pyramid

M theory
Alchemy records

SYSTEM 7 (dj set)
A-Wave Records

BANCO DE GAIA (dj set)           
New album release Farewell Frengistan

GAUDI : Dub n’ breakz, Live dub manipulation
Interchill - Em:t - Fax Records

Live    The   J  I  C
Joint Intelligence Committee

Andy The Orb
Presenting The Classic Little fluffy Clouds & Towers of Dub Orb set

Andy Mason - Kundalini

Titn Moraga - Mind Soul and Body

Yellow Magnetic Star - The Healing Project

Steve Kundalini - Sun drenched tribal grooves

Liquid g'ems - Liquid Records

Liquid Ross - Liquid Records

Liquid Elf - Little Green Planet / Liquid Records

Tom Fu - Liquid Records uk

luna lis - Liquid Connective

Gandolfi - Chillosophy / Idspiral

Bez23 - KULU

Clare - Messmedia /

Vek - Alien Resonance

Mad Mick - KULU

J Kenobi - PsyPneumatix Records

Ed Tangent - Phantasm Records UK

Tekno Hippie - Sunrise

Technomedics - FatMoon

Dil - Planet Zogg

much more to be confirmed…