Shamania - Journey to Satori and Beyond!

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Journey to Satori and Beyond
Lugnasadh Celebration   Friday 24th - Sunday 26th August 2012

Shamania Festival: Fatmoon: psy playground


Pulsating with positive sounds.

“Take average people and put them in a place that allows them to exercise their imaginations without constraint, and they will be childlike and experience freedom and innocence again. Put them in a place of human contact, humour and playfulness where they are celebrated, without condition, simply for who they are, and you will see something within them expand” (Gary Izzo, 1997)

FaTMooN's plans so far........

FaTMooN @ Shamania (as all FaTMooN's), will be based around fun and frivolity, for flirting and playfulness and will exude that truely friendly vibe we love.

Each of our parties has had a different theme, with fresh 2d and 3d UV~liscious decor made for the occasion. We dress the venue, ourselves and each party to the theme, and make the majority of it ourselves. Our Shamania playground will be no different…

The date of this year’s festival sparked Fatmoon’s desire for fantasy, July 27th being the beginning of The Mayan, Year of the White Lunar Wizard, magnetic moon day 2.
(Being kind of moon obsessive, these things don’t go unmissed!) Such a cool theme! 13 Moons..

We have a beautiful Mayan theme in production, and promise a stunning display of PSyChoDelia to absorb yourself within.

FaTMooN will present our style of pure uplifting free spirited psytrance to inspire and uplift hearts and minds from beautiful daylight to twisted and psylocibic nighttime.

Soundscapes created by our good friends from the IND.ST soundsystem crew.
Lastly we welcome back Fatmoon’s Psydeshow Bobs, bringing colour, visual fun and frolics with their impro-active, walkabout characters providing, a feast for the eyes and food for the soul

Producer Sets / LIVE
White Overtone Wizard – Joof records
Electric Mirror - Phar-Psyde Records
Skyhighatrist - Fatmoon

Nanook + Mazieg - Strange Daze Sound System
(4 decks & effects set.)
Lorraine - Messmedia
Lloyd the Positivist – Messmedia
Psy-kwaai – Amoeba Records
Earth Monkey – Baraka
Buddha Fingaz – Baraka
The Phonographist – Baraka
Psybase – Psybase / Illuminaughty
Gazillion – UV / Solar
Giggles & Daydream – UV
Prognosis - Ourmass
James – IND.ST / Fatmoon
Psyklon B – IND.ST / Danger:noise
Serena V – Fatmoon
Cheryl Technomedic - Fatmoon
Mark Technomedic – Fatmoon